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This image from Orion Telescopes & Binoculars' Image Gallery of the First Quarter Moon was taken by Elwood McKay with an Orion SkyQuest XT8 Classic Dobsonian Telescope

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  • New Moon. If your lunar personality is New Moon, you focus your life on growth, progression and …
  • First Crescent. If your lunar personality is First Crescent, you are determined. You’re known for being …
  • First Quarter. If your lunar personality is First Quarter, you are a rebel at heart. You refuse to accept …
  • Waxing Gibbous. If your lunar personality is Waning Gibbous Moon, you are a healer and …

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Define first quarter. first quarter synonyms, first quarter pronunciation, first quarter translation, English dictionary definition of first quarter. n one of the four principal phases of the moon, occurring between new moon and full moon, when half of the lighted surface is visible from earth. ... first quarter - the first fourth of the Moon's ...

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The First Quarter Moon is the phase of the Moon which is most easily spotted by the casual observer. You see the Moon in this phase in the south as the Sun sets.

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Born on a First Quarter Moon. A First Quarter Moon is when the Moon is 50% illuminated bettween the Waxing Cresent and Waxing Gibbous. The days before and afer this phase the Moon grows brighter each day until the Full Moon. Like the New Moon and Full Moon, a First Quarter Moon happens at a very specific time and day making being born on a ...

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First Quarter Moon The moon is a quarter of its way around Earth. It is in its first quarter phase.

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First Quarter Moon seen from Athens, Georgia, USA, North America. Moon phases, lunar calendar, lunar landscape. September 28, 2017 First quarter moon on a blue sky. First quarter moon shining in early afternoon on a blue sky with soft cirrus, feather clouds First Quarter Moon and Eagle.

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This image from Orion Telescopes & Binoculars' Image Gallery of the First Quarter Moon was taken by Elwood McKay with an Orion SkyQuest XT8 Classic Dobsonian Telescope

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Before we delve too deep into the 8 phases of the moon it is important to define some crucial terms.

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The First Quarter Moon is when the Sun and Moon form a 90 degree angle, or “square”, in the sky. In feng shui, energy has more chi if it is free to flow in circles. Rounded corners allow for energy to continue flowing. When energy meets a hard angle, like a 90 degree square, energy is impeded and slows down.

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  1. Plan your shot. There are two basic types of lunar photography: 1. the moon is the main (or only) …
  2. Moon phases. The majestic full moon is what grabs most people’s attention. Unfortunately, the full …
  3. Moon position. The position of the moon overhead is something to consider. If you are only …
  4. Clouds. Clear nights are preferred by many photographers. But, on nights with scattered clouds, or …

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The first quarter moon is when the moon appears half lit and occurs about a week after the new moon. It is considered the halfway point between the new moon and the full moon. In previous posts I have shared how the different moon phases affect us. This post will focus on how the first quarter moon affects us physically, mentally and emotionally.

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First Quarter Moon Phase on Zodiac Arts | The Moon is waxing from 90 to 135 degrees ahead of the Sun in the zodiac. It rises in the east around noon and sets in the west around midnight. The First Quarter phase is Active and Impetuous. It is about putting the past behind, seeking individuality, and…

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…displays four main phases: new, first quarter, full, and last quarter. New moon occurs when the Moon is between Earth and the Sun, and thus the side of the Moon that is in shadow faces Earth. Full moon occurs when the Moon is on the opposite side of Earth from….

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  1. New Moon. This is the first phase of the lunar cycle. It starts when the moon is invisible (this state …
  2. Waxing Crescent. This phase of the moon starts 3 days after the New Moon, when you can begin to …
  3. First Quarter. This phase begins around 7 days after the new moon. This is an excellent time to take …
  4. Waxing Gibbous. This is the fourth moon phase. It starts on the 10th day after the New Moon and …

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We start making sandcastles at the First Quarter Moon. This is the midpoint of the Moon's waxing hemi-cycle, a building time. Its crisis brings both the excitement and threat of taking new action. To succeed, we need to prod ourselves forward, yet be nurturing too.